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Protecting Your Financial Interests With Powers Of Attorney

Regardless of your age, lifestyle, income or current condition, it is possible that you might face a sudden decline in health someday. Naming powers of attorney can be part of your comprehensive estate plan. The person whom you trust with a power of attorney may act according to your interests in an emergency or another serious situation.

Having a plan for unexpected scenarios can help protect you and your family from urgent challenges. At Storey Law Office, I can help you name powers of attorney so that your family or friends can represent you financially or medically under specific circumstances. I am attorney Jeffrey J. Storey and have practiced law in Minnesota for more than three decades; I know how to help you plan your estate.

Protecting Your Financial Stability In Life

Often as people age, it grows harder for them to remember to pay their bills, make careful purchasing decisions or manage their accounts and investments. Before this might happen, I can help you grant someone you trust financial powers of attorney.

You can outline the specific types of tasks for which you want this person to be responsible. They cannot withdraw money or take other actions unless clearly stated in your power of attorney document. I can work with you one-on-one to create a customized document that suits your needs – while cautiously limiting the control that others could have over your finances.

What Does Someone With Medical Powers Of Attorney Do?

If you work with me to name health care powers of attorney, you can choose whether to allow the named person to:

  • Decide whether to begin, continue or end treatment, such as life support
  • Prevent other relatives or friends from overriding your medical wishes
  • Sign your medical documents
  • Approve or reject drugs, such as pain relievers
  • Change your place of care

However, this person can only act on your behalf if you are unconscious or incapacitated. You can continue to make your own health care choices until the power of attorney becomes necessary. I am available to answer any questions you may have about powers of attorney.

Get Case-Specific Insight From An Estate Planning Lawyer

I can advise you as you make these vital decisions. Contact Storey Law Office through this website or by calling 763-575-7066 for an appointment. At my Coon Rapids firm, you can get the information you need to plan for every possibility.