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Establishing Effective Guardianships And Conservatorships

You can physically and financially meet another individual’s needs as much as you want, but unless your relationship with that person is legally recognized, you may face obstacles in delivering that care.

At Storey Law Office in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, I help individuals establish guardianships or conservatorships that help them make medical and financial decisions for people who cannot make them alone. I offer more than 30 years of experience in these complex issues. I know what the process will involve, and I know how to customize my representation to each client I represent. Part of my success in tailoring my services is credited to my personal approach.

Establishing your rights as a guardian or conservator protects not only the person you’re caring for but also you. You do not want to have legal action taken against you by the individual’s relatives or have accusations made about the level of care you provide. Work with me, attorney Jeffrey J. Storey, to make sure every important detail is covered so you can do what you need to do for yourself and the individual you’re caring for.

How Can A Guardianship Or Conservatorship Help Me Care For A Loved One?

A guardianship is designed to provide a protected person (known as a “ward”) with a guardian who can make a wide range of basic living decisions for that person. This includes housing decisions, medical and health care decisions, educational decisions and more.

A conservatorship is designed to appoint a conservator who can make financial decisions for the protected person (known as a “conservatee”). This includes bill payment, investments, contractual agreements and other financial management needs.

How Do We Define A ‘Protected Person’?

A protected person is a minor or incapacitated adult who does not have sufficient understanding or ability to make personal decisions. They may be too young to make decisions responsibly or may suffer from a condition that inhibits their ability to communicate or independently handle those decisions.

Personal Service And Care From Your Lawyer

When you work with my law office, you work directly with me, your attorney. I will take the time to explain the legal options ahead and help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option as it relates to your situation. Then, I will be your guide in getting things done efficiently and cost-effectively to meet your needs.

Arrange a free initial consultation at my office to learn more. You may call me at 763-575-7066. I help clients throughout Anoka County and the surrounding areas of Minnesota.