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Help For The Estate Planning Process

People often delay in creating an estate plan. They don’t want to take the time, incur the expense or consider the prospect of their own demise. None of those factors will prevent the inevitable from eventually occurring. The best day to begin the planning process is today.

I’m attorney Jeffrey J. Storey, and at my law firm, Jeffrey J. Storey, I help explain is clear language why it will be less expensive and easier to do it today, rather than at some unknown time in the future when a crisis has forced the process upon you or your family.

I can help you create a comprehensive and detailed estate plan that clearly outlines your final wishes and how to manage your assets if something happens to you.

More Than 30 Years Of Experience In Minnesota Estate Matters

At Storey Law Office, I aim to prepare my clients and their loved ones for the expected and/or unexpected. In some cases, people come to me because they have minor children or special-needs dependents for whom they want to secure financial or parental support. In other cases, people are reaching an age or physical condition where they know others may need to take over financial or medical power of attorney.

I can help you understand what legal mechanisms are available to meet your estate planning needs. I will then work with you personally to develop a comprehensive estate package that establishes necessary legal rights and preserves your assets in the process.

These tools may include:

  • Living wills, and last will and testament
  • Trust creation
  • Guardianships/conservatorships
  • Charitable giving
  • Powers of attorney (financial and medical)
  • Health care directives
  • Estate taxes and gift planning
  • Establishment of heirs and beneficiaries
  • Succession planning
  • Organizing final expenses
  • Ongoing medical care planning

Have The Conversations Before It Is Too Late

Even though estate planning can be difficult to think about or discuss with your loved ones, you do not have to be afraid of the process. I can make the process straightforward for you, speak to you in plain language about your legal needs and do the heavy lifting to deliver an estate plan that works for you.

Contact my Anoka County law office at 763-575-7066 to arrange a free initial consultation and discuss your case directly with me, attorney Jeffrey J. Storey.