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Answers To Frequently Asked Probate Questions

At Storey Law Office, I have answered the probate and estate administration questions of Anoka County residents for decades. If you want to learn more about the probate process, either as someone who is planning your estate or as a personal representative, do not hesitate to contact me, attorney Jeffrey J. Storey, for a one-on-one consultation.

Should I Avoid Probate? If So, Why?

Because probate can delay the transfer of inheritance, it is common advice to create a valid plan that prevents an estate from needing to enter probate court. In probate, a decedent’s true wishes might not be honored. A simple will may not be sufficient to prevent probate.

Instead, I may help you avoid probate by building a comprehensive estate plan, which may lead to:

  • A potentially faster transfer of assets and heirlooms to beneficiaries
  • A simpler estate administration process, allowing your loved ones to focus on grieving
  • An outcome that reflects your personal wishes, family dynamics and relationships

What Are The Steps Involved With Probate?

Probate can be a long, complicated process. In probate court, a judge appoints a personal representative. This person must account for all assets in the estate, outstanding debts and creditors, estate taxes and more. After paying debts and taxes, they distribute inheritance.

How Can A Lawyer Help Me Navigate The Probate Process?

As the personal representative of an estate, you have the special responsibility of upholding fiduciary duty. If you fail to act in the best interests of the estate during the administration and probate process, you may face legal consequences.

At Storey Law Office, I can help you understand your specific obligations and help you carry out this duty. I have experience in communicating with creditors, Minnesota probate court judges and public representatives. As your probate attorney, I can work to ensure that you distribute the correct assets to the proper beneficiaries and effectively settle all matters of the estate.

Whom Can I Contact To Help Me With Probate?

For sensitive, complex matters involving inheritance and estate administration, it is important to hire a lawyer who has experience and knowledge in this area of law. I am eager to use my talents in probate and estate law to make a difference in the lives of beneficiaries and to protect the legacy of decedents. Call my Coon Rapids law firm at 763-575-7066 or send me a message online to discuss your case.