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Handling Estates And Probate

Jeffrey J. Storey

Guidance Through Estate Administration And Probate

Many people do not carefully plan for the time after their death. Some Minnesotans may assume that their spouse or children will automatically receive their property, so they do not take the time to create a will or trust. Unfortunately, this decision can complicate an already difficult period for their friends and family.

Regardless of whether the decedent expressed their wishes, estate administration is not always simple. With the honor of representing a decedent’s final actions comes the challenges of the tasks that lie ahead. At Storey Law Office, I can partner with you during the estate administration and probate process.

Thoroughly Pinpointing Assets And Debts

When administering an estate, you need to account for every detail — including any hidden or complex financial matters. As a highly experienced attorney in Minnesota, I know how to identify the full scope of property, debts and taxes. Throughout probate, I can work alongside you to make financial decisions that benefit the estate.

Fully Addressing Any Problems That Arise

Some cases of estate administration may become challenging, but I am prepared to represent my clients’ interests during difficult issues, including:

  • Accusations of breach of fiduciary duty against a personal representative
  • False claims from creditors
  • Disputes about inheritance and will contests
  • Complex asset liquidation or distribution problems

My attention to detail and knowledge of the law allow me to face these potential obstacles. Speak to me in person to get up-to-date legal answers about settling an estate or securing the correct inheritance.

Receive Insight For Your Estate Administration Or Probate Case

Given the complexity of this process, the help of a lawyer may be crucial for personal representatives, heirs and beneficiaries. I am ready to help you fulfill your duties and find legal solutions. Call Storey Law Office in Coon Rapids at 763-575-7066 or send a message online to schedule your consultation.