Protecting Your Rights During A Divorce

Standing up for your rights in divorce proceedings does not have to involve endless litigation. Unfortunately, many law firms only see the adversarial path to dispute resolution.

While some cases do require an aggressive stance in court, others can be most effectively resolved with informed counsel and skillful negotiation. At Storey Law Office, I provide quality counsel with personal service — two things that empower my clients to make informed decisions about their rights and how family law issues will influence their lives post-divorce.

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Emphasizing What Matters Most

Every recommendation I make is with my clients' best interests in mind.

  • Will it save my clients money?
  • Will it get them the result they need?
  • Will their loved ones be protected?
  • Will they walk away from this divorce on stable financial footing?

A Focus On Your Future And Your Financial Well-Being

While I have handled a fair number of divorce cases that involve children, custody and child support, these are not the only kinds of families I help.

Many of my clients come to me with spousal disputes involving long-term marriages. At this point, their main concerns involve complex property issues like retirement income, business ownership and dividing property in a way that does not rob them of the estate they have worked hard to build.

A crucial part of wealth and asset preservation during divorce proceedings is minimizing legal costs and maximizing your rights. Even if you "just want to put this behind you," you need to make sure you are not sacrificing your right to fair and equitable property division.

I help men and women achieve resolutions outside of litigation when possible (either through settlements, mediation or another form of alternative dispute resolution). Still, if a case requires a trial presence, I can assertively and persuasively represent my clients in court. Here, you will not be working with a "yes man." You will be working with someone who will tell you honestly what can and should happen in your case.

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