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I offer 30-plus years of experience, personal service and the client-focused effort that can make a difference in your case.

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Cost-Effective, Personalized Estate Planning

Estate planning, your goals and the distribution of your inheritance are a very personal choice. So, you want to do them properly. Often, you will not know what you need until you meet with a legal representative who can provide you with the education and guidance you need.

I’m attorney Jeffrey J. Storey, and I have decades of experience helping people craft the personalized estate plans they need, cost-effectively and, at the same time, greatly reducing the stress on your family.

With experienced legal counsel, you can save yourself and your family from the emotional stress and financial expense of intestacy laws in probate. I work closely with my clients through every stage of the estate planning, estate administration and probate processes. I can also explain and guide you through what is involved in establishing a guardianship and conservatorship. When you enlist my help, you will not have to face anything on your own.

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Plan Your Estate

Probate And Estate Administration


Creating Effective Trusts


How To Save Money When Hiring An Attorney

When dealing with an attorney, most people are worried about how much it will cost. To “save” money, they will avoid speaking with an attorney and ask their friends and relatives, and virtually anyone but an attorney.

Here’s a tip: It never saves money, whether by direct costs of hiring an attorney to repair the damage caused or in opportunity costs lost. I’m a professional. I’ve worked with these matters for over 30 years. Who do you know with similar skills and experience? The best way to save money is to hire an attorney before you do anything.

More Than 30 Years Of Estate Planning Experience

Because estate planning issues are so broad and connected, yet utterly personal for every client, the way to find out what services you really need is to come into my office, sit down and talk to me. I will help you understand the law and how to best obtain your goals, whatever they may be.